The Sillage Experience

"The perfumes are the feelings of the flowers" Heinrich Heine(1797 – 1856)

Like the feeling of flowers, Sillage Aromatique Fragrance Compounds will leave you spellbound from our wide collection of unique and original creations to the more prestigious and current popular luxury themes. Every individual fragrance created, be it a complex of floral accord or a fantasy inspiration, – is composed with passion and dedication that magically transform individual notes into an olfactory masterpiece.

Signature Fragrance

Sillage Aromatique has created Signature scents for a good number of corporate clients around the world. These include retail Chains, restaurants, hotels & airlines. Signature fragrances are developed for our clients that target's their audience with a unique scent that creates familiarity and a distinct association with their respective environment, service or products. A scent that evokes pleasure which intertwines with the customer's experience and memory of each visit.

Customize Fragrance

"Votre Parfum est unique" or "Your Perfume is Unique" is one of key reason behind our belief that every one of our clients has the privilege to access our experience Perfumers for a truly unique fragrance to call their very own. Be it a Fine Fragrance for an Eau de toilette or a new Skin-Care range to Functional Fragrances that would perform very well in anything from Air fresheners, candles to a simple bar of soap. Your fragrance must truly be unique to distinguish yourself above others.