About Us

Established in Singapore in 2002, Sillage Aromatique (a Division of Nardev Chemie) has grown into a reputable Fragrance House that offers innovative solutions to customers across more than twenty countries in Asia, Middle East and Europe. With our subsidiary offices and distributor-partners in these markets, we are able to deliver consistent and unparalleled customer care.

With our creation team and manufacturing plant based in Singapore, Sillage Aromatique is in close proximity to many raw ingredient producers in the region. Together with a highly efficient & reliable production team and lower operational costs as compared to other major fragrance companies, our quality fragrances are more cost-effective.

Our huge library of fragrances that are suitable for different markets and applications allows us to respond quickly to different customer needs. We are also equipped with the latest perfumery production technology, including the Roxane® robotic compounding machine, that blends aromatic ingredients with high consistency and accuracy. Our wide range of analytical equipment including GC/MS allows us to achieve a level of precision in development and quality control.